Tropic Star Adventures Begin Where the Road Ends!

Tropic Star of Pine Island offers cruises and adventures in Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor in southwest Florida. Visitors can rent cottages, kayaks and use our boat ramp facilities. Come visit us and experience the real southwest Florida!

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  • Traffic Tips

    November 23, 2016

    We want to give our customers some tips to make sure they enjoy their trip. To guarantee everyone arrives at their destination on time, it is imperative that our boats depart on schedule.

    The small town of Matlacha, the only way to get to and from the marina on Pine Island, has a drawbridge. If this drawbridge is up you could be delayed 15 - 30 minutes. There is also a school zone, as well as many school busses. The speed limit in the school zone is 20 mph and is heavily patrolled by the sheriff. All of these possible delays are NOT built into your GPS! For day visitors we recommend allowing 30 minutes extra to the scheduled boat departute time. Campers should allow 1 hour prior to boat departute to allow for loading baggage.


“We took the ferry out to Cayo Costa and back. Captain Norm and crew were Awsome! We saw dolphins on the way back in and we stopped so everyone could take photos. ” - Amber